You will love our roof rack systems and accessories for off-road use!

Roof Rack and Platform

Yakima has a lot to offer, with our roof rack accessories for off-road use! Lock cores will allow you to lock two Yakima items, with only one key.

Roof Rack Accessories

Give more functionality to your Roof Rack and Platform with Yakima's extensive range of accessories, transporting your load to your destination, safely.

Bike Ute Tray

Blockheads and crashpads are just some of the Yakima bike accessories that make transporting your bike in your ute simple and effective.

Bike Spare Tyre

Don't let your vehicle's rear tyre spoil your off-road biking fun. Take a look at Yakima's premium bike spare tyre accessories.

Bike Accessories

Ensure your bike accessories are up to your rugged off-road lifestyle. With fat straps and arm locks, your bike will surely be prepared for off-road activities.

Cargo Accessories

Mount more onto your roof basket with Yakima's range of cargo accessories, letting you carry more with less.

Cargo Roof

Packing doesn't have to be difficult. With Yakima's extensive range of cargo roof accessories, packing for your next trip will be easy!

Cargo Basket

Attaching easily to your roof rack, our rooftop cargo baskets are perfect for carrying bikes, skis, luggage or anything you need to get safely from A to B.

Cargo Bags

Cargo bags are a lightweight and versatile method of transporting your loads on the roof of your vehicle making it perfect for that quick getaway.