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How to clean your roof racks and other Yakima car accessories

30th August 2017

Do you have Yakima roof racks or other car accessories installed on your car? To ensure you get the most out of your roof racks, you'll need to ensure you are properly maintaining them. If you are washing the roof racks incorrectly, you can potentially end up damaging the roof racks.

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Where to learn how to go off-road in New Zealand

13th July 2017

Wanting to learn how to go off-road driving in New Zealand? We've searched and found the best facilities for you to learn off-road driving.

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Yakima Crashpad

7th June 2017 - AMB Magazine

Earlier this year we were lucky to be loaned a big Isuzu D-Max for a couple of weeks while we worked on some bike tests and photo shoots on the trails in South-East Queensland. With riders carried in the cab up front, and room for bikes in the tray, the obvious thing that was missing was a way to make sure the bikes were transported safely.

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The best places for beginner off-road drivers In New Zealand

7th June 2017

Interested in learning how to go off-road driving? Need somewhere to go that's suitable for beginners? Look no further. We've found the best places in New Zealand for you to start off-road driving.

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Tips For Packing Camping Gear Like A Tetris Pro

17th May 2017

You’re all ready to go on an amazing camping trip with your family. One of the hardest parts, before you leave to go camping, is packing

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Building Dirt Playgrounds in New Zealand

9th May 2017

Mountain bikers are nothing without the trails. That’s where Empire of Dirt comes in. Empire of Dirt is one of New Zealand’s leading mountain bike trail

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How do I get my mini number plate for my bike rack so i'm legal?

16th February 2017

Everything you need to know about bicycle racks and registration plates in New Zealand.     Scenario: The weather is perfect and it’s the perfect time to go cycling.

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Gear test Yakima MegaWarrior rooftop cargo basket

10th January 2017 - Australian Geographic Outdoor

If you're like me, you probably have a couple of roof bars fitted to your vehicle for carrying toys like kayaks or surfboards, but they're pretty useless when it comes to lugging around items that aren't long (or rigid) enough to sit comfortably over the gap between them. This is where dedicated full-length roof racks come in handy, but they can be prohibitively expensive, especially if you only need to use them occasionally.

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New Yakima Gear - Impressive bike-carrying options

23rd November 2016 - Australian Geographic Outdoor

Yakima continues its growth in the Australian market with the release of three new bike-carrying products - the FullBack, LiteRider 3 and WheelHouse.

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Gear Test Kudos

23rd November 2016 - Australian Geographic Outdoor

About two years ago (I think!) I read Justin Walker's initial review of a Whispbar WB201 roof-mounted bike carrier.

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