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When the going gets tough... want a system you can rely on. LockN'Load has been designed from the ground up as THE ultimate 4x4, Touring and Commercial solution.

LOCKN'LOAD Platform in Detail


Every slat incorporates a 21mm accessory slot, with drop-in cutouts, for easy mounting of all kinds of accessories and carriers. Plus, the slat’s width is designed for compatibility with Yakima clamp-type mounts.
Mounts directly to legs providing the lowest height possible, no roof bars required.


Our Platform’s slats run across the vehicle (“east-west”), just like normal roof racks do. This provides greater flexibility when choosing accessories, more tie down options and better load distribution.

LOCKN'LOAD Platform Badge LOCKN'LOAD Platform


All sides of the Platform’s perimeter feature a top slot for mounting accessories. Even high lift jack and awnings won’t make it sag or bend, given the ample reinforcement from slats, corner inserts and spine segments.


Constructed from powdercoated aluminium, with additional e-coating in critical areas, the LockN’Load Platform will survive the harshest of Australian conditions.

Platform Width (mm) Length (mm) Size (m2) Weight (kg)* No. of Slats (latitudinal) RRP (Incl. GST)**
A (8000337) 1240 1530 1.9 21.5 7 $ 1,019.00
B (8000338) 1380 1540 2.1 23.4 7 $ 1,019.00
C (8000339) 1380 1930 2.7 29.6 9 $ 1,069.00
D (8000340) 1425 2130 3 31.7 10 $ 1,239.00
E (8000341) 1235 2130 2.6 28.7 10 $ 1,189.00

* Excluding mounts.
** Platform only. Excludes additional parts and installation costs.

LOCKN'LOAD Crossbars in Detail

Rock Solid, Built Tough

All new heavy duty leg with wide base and low height. Designed and tested in Australia to be tougher and stronger than the rest.

Functional & Versatile

Open bar T-slot channel for easy accessory mounting. Bar end cap features tie down point and integrated bottle opener.

Modern Design

Rugged aluminium aero bar with universal HD T-slot channel.


Rubber load strip with airflow diffuser to reduce wind noise.


Lockable covers with SKS lock cores and keys.


Use your existing accessories without any problems.

Crossbar Component

Rubber Load Protector Strip

Rubber Load Protector Strip

  • Controls wind flow over the crossbar to reduce drag and limit noise
  • Helps prevent your load from shifting
  • Provides maximum protection between the bar and load/accessory

Leg Component

Tough Design

Tough Design

  • Low profile for optimal height clearance
  • Wide base provides maximum support and improved strength while carrying your heavy loads
  • Optimised for fixed point and track fits
  • Clean aesthetic enhances the look of your vehicle
Open T-Slot Channel

Open T-Slot Channel

  • The open T-Slot channel provides quick and easy installation of accessories. No rubber infill cutting required.
  • Channel dimensions integrate perfectly with all popular trade, 4x4 and touring accessories
Height Packer

Height Packer

  • Packers fit under the leg for maximum strength
  • Designed for easy installation
End Cap

End Cap

  • Each end cap has an integrated tie-down point rated to 100kg. Perfect for securing your gear.
  • Flush end caps for obstruction-free loading and unloading
  • Integrated bottle opener to quench your thirst


  • Secure your LockN'Load bars with lockable leg covers
  • SKS (Single Key System) lock cores and keys are standard so you can match the keys with your other favourite Yakima accessories
Leg Locator

Leg Locator

  • Measuring strip for easy and accurate leg location when installing
  • Reversible rubber infill for a clean look and controlled airflow
  • Extra long underside channel for maximum fitment versatility


  • Dual-point mounting to bars for extra durability and toughness
  • Ability to dual-point mount to vehicle's fixed points or tracks

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