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Yakima Australia is located in Brendale, QLD, just North of Brisbane and part of one of the most beautiful areas of Australia. The area offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities and an extensive variety of laid back people that love the outdoors. 
At Yakima, all employees share a strong sense of pride in the brand and a passion for creating products that get people and gear outdoors to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.  With a strong heritage in the outdoor and automotive industries, employees appreciate the outdoor lifestyle whether they hike, bike, walk, kayak, ski, camp or garden on the weekends.  This appreciation and understanding of the end-consumer facilitates a spirit of innovation that incorporates useful consumer insights.
Yakima is a results-oriented organisation.  Expectations for success are high and employees are empowered to take ownership of their positions; therefore carry a lot of responsibility.  Open communication is imperative to the success of the team, and employees are challenged to prove their ability to succeed within a supportive environment.  The highly adaptive and entrepreneurial culture requires employees to constantly tap into their drive, initiative and creativity. 
The ideal job candidates have a passion for what they do, a sense of excitement at the possibility of joining the Yakima family, and pride in knowing that they'll be on the team that makes the best racks around!
If you'd like to submit an unsolicited resume you may do so by using any of the following methods:

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